• Dole Ocean Cargo Express

  • Vessels &
    Trade Lanes

    Dole maintains the largest dedicated refrigerated fleet of containers in the world, along with containerized pallet reefer vessels. In addition to an extensive network of packaging, ripening and distribution centers, to deliver fresh Dole products to markets on all major continents.

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  • Schedules

    Dedicated service schedules for Dole Vessels include US East Coast, US Gulf, US West Coast, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru and Antwerp.

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  • Dole Nutrition

    The Dole Nutrition Institute was founded to help “feed the world with knowledge” about the benefits of a plant-based diet. As chairman of the world's largest provider of fresh fruit and vegetables, David H. Murdock wanted to go beyond offering healthy products. His mission: to cultivate the seeds of knowledge and provide the public with definitive, easily accessible, scientifically-validated information on nutrition and health.

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  • Ship Your Car
    with Dole

    To learn more about vehicle shipping, please contact one our helpful representatives.

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  • Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on great service, excellent communication and successful strong relationships. Dole Ocean Cargo Express is here for you 24\7, we know logistics is not a 9 to 5 business. We fully understand your concern for urgency and efficient supply chain solutions.

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About Dole Ocean Cargo

Dole is the  world's largest producer of bananas and pineapples, and an industry leader in packaged salads and fresh vegetables. Most widely
known for its active role in Nutrition education,  Dole has grown over centuries from its strong  ability to produce, transport and deliver high-
quality perishable products around the world. Dole quality starts right on the farm, and moves through its own refrigerated supply chain.

Dole Ocean Cargo Express provides reliable service to commercial customers on Dole’s vessels. Dole’s growing fleet of owned and chartered
vessels maximizes the efficiency of  marine transportation and addresses the critical issues of moving of time sensitive perishable products
between the United States, Latin America & Europe.